Thorns, In Development

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Thorns is an interactive story built in Twine. As of right now, it has four distinct endings based on both the player’s choices and the variables set within the game. There are also fail states that can pop up during the game if the player lacks certain resources.

This version of the story is a retelling of Beauty and the Beast that combines elements from different versions of the tale as well as original elements. The game starts the night that Belle (the Player) decides to escape from the Creature of Fomorian. As the game progresses, the Player will be able to ultimately decide the fate of both Belle and the Creature of Fomorian. They will also learn more about Belle’s family, the Creature, and the local legends of the village that Belle is from if they elect to click on different links within the game.

This game is currently in the scripting process.

The Excel sheet is available for preview here!

Dev log can be found on my blog here.

A beta version is available on